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X1500 LTO-5 Digital Archive System

The XenData X1500 LTO-5 Digital Archive System provides cost effective archiving of video files to LTO data tape. The solution runs on a Windows 7 desktop or tower computer and provide almost infinite storage, saving files to LTO tape using the industry standard tar format.

The X1500 System includes the following:

◊ External HP LTO-5 drive
◊ XenData6 Workstation software
◊ PCI-e card to be installed in the Windows7 workstation
◊ SAS cable that connects the tape drive to the PCI-e card (2m in length)
◊ Universal LTO cleaning cartridge

XenData6 Workstation software provides high performance archiving to and restoring from LTO data tape using Windows Explorer. It supports one or more LTO tape drives attached to a Window 7 computer and manages an unlimited number of offline LTO tapes. Additionally, the software allows creation of reports for management of the archive, including the ability to list the contents of any tape, the ability to search for files and the generation of an archive status report.

Archive and restore operations are always performed using Windows Explorer. XenData6 extends Windows Explorer’s capabilities to transfer files to and from LTO using drag and drop or copy and paste. Files may be archived to LTO from any accessible logical drive letter or network share. Similarly, files may be restored to an available drive letter or share. The system maintains file and folder structures, allowing the transfer of nested folders to and from LTO tape.

The XenData6 Workstation software license allows you to install the software on multiple computers and use an assigned tape drive on any of those computers.