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EGS Newsworks – NRCS

NewsWorks is a software based solution to automate and simplify the workflow of news rooms. Comunication between reporters, editors and user groups becomes more flexible and transparent by using Newsworks which enables to serve news agency sources to clients. News agency sources are categorized and served to news room team automatically. Newsworks, enables users to search scripts, edit, create rundowns and send rundowns to 3rd parties by MOS protocol
Newsworks have been developed based on users requests and needs. This makes it efficient and user friendly.



  • News feed management
  • Integrated CG, Graphics and video nodes
  • Unlimited script support
  • Unlimited rundown support
  • Flash news support
  • Integration with 3rd parties by MOS protocol via TCP/IP
  • Link to media by drag-drop
  • Push updates to users
  • Push news feeds to clients
  • Alert for predefined search criteria
  • Auto-save option
  • Master/slave redundant server architecture
  • Web browser Support
  • Efficient and easy to use GUI
  • User& rights management
  • Customizable by users
  • Creating Workgroups
  • Sharing contacts list