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Cinegy Type

Cinegy Type allows the addition of multiple layers of automation controlled, template based titles, logos, animated graphics, and more. From simple ticker tapes and lower thirds to multi-layer character animations Cinegy Type includes a whole range of advanced effects and features. This new module addresses simple requirements such as logo insertion right through to complex branding with templated information and animated video plates.

Seamless Integration with Cinegy Air

Cinegy Type templates can be triggered by Cinegy Air Control automation with the variable parts of the templates being updated either manually or automatically. The Cinegy Type CG engine dynamically composites the different layers making it possible to independently control when different elements are visible or not during playout.

Playout with Cinegy Air

With broadcast automation controlled scheduled playout, sequences are often changed or modified right up to the last minute, or even during playout. With Cinegy Type you can make changes on the fly. Simply turn items off (pure pass thru), turn parts on/off (e.g. logo), or invoke certain templates, plates or other titles manually independent of the automation schedule.


·   Add basic effects to text, such as a shadow, border, glow or bevel, change the color and transparency.

·   Control the way text appears, change the position, rotation, color or size or add effects such as typewriter, flash, alpha.

·   Add static text, marquee (horizontal crawl), vertical roll, plate, static or animated objects, or dynamically templated text.

·   Insert logos, pictures or animations, support for a range of formats including, GIF, TIF, BMP, JPEG, EPS and AVI, MXF, MOV or MPEG.

·   Create text variables which can be changed just before playout.

·   Items can be played once, run on a loop, or ping pong from left to right.

·   Add up to six layers for complex compositions involving multiple objects.

·   Manage items and defi ne in and out points using the timeline. Add easing for smooth transitions.

·   A template design only needs to be created once and then can be re-used with minimal effort.