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Aja – Kona,Corvid. Professional performance Unparalled reliability.


Ant4Media – Traffic Management. Content rights management, contract management,  Secheduling, EPG mangement, Reporting.


Apace Media workflow management. Storage and storage management. Cloud based content management and sharing.


Azimuth Soft  delivers TV broadcast automation solutions for Playout Automation, NRCS, Live Production, MAM & Archives, Broadcast Graphics, Teletext & Subtitles and providing professional services.


   Cavena develops professional solutions for subtitle preparation, subtitle postproduction and subtitle transmission. For the last 25 years, we have been developing subtitling solutions for demanding customers such as SKY, HBO and Canal+. We provide solutions and software for the complete subtitling process from subtitle preparation to subtitle postproduction and subtitle transmission.


Black Magic Design – Decklink video I/O boards. The world’s highest performance capture cards for Mac, Windows and Linux.


 Deltacast – Virtual Graphics for sports events and highlights.



We facilitate the new way of consuming TV! Edgeware enables streaming media to any device, in any format and at any time and our solutions are ideally suited to let you as broadcasters, content owners as well as telco and cable operators:

  • Capitalize your content
  • Give your viewers an amazing viewing experience
  • Scale even for your biggest live events

It’s time for TV beyond broadcast!


  EGS Newsworks – NRCS, Newsroom Computer system. The most popular solution in Turkey.


  Utilising the power of IT to create smart connected sensor solutions. This to prevent an unnecessary waste of time and other valuable assets.


Icareus has a large catalogue of HbbTV applications and services to increase broadcaster revenues and customer satisfaction.




Primestream – End to end smart production management solution.


The Quicklink Merlin Solution Designed for total mobility, Quicklink’s Merlin bonding unit enables TV journalists to transmit live video in excellent broadcast-quality at a very cost-effective price. The unit contains its own high-gain modems into which your local SIM cards can be placed. The modems are superior to the normal USB ‘plug and play’ modems supplied by 3G network operators. This offers the user greater robustness on the 3G networks and results in excellent visual playout quality. The Merlin is supplied with 6 high-gain modems as standard but is expandable to 16.

Stream Labs

Stream Labs. Capture, Content rights management, Channel Branding, Playout and Channel in a Box Playout, Monitoring.


XenData digital video archive solutions manage LTO tape drives and LTO tape libraries. They are well proven in the media and entertainment industry – with tape library installations in over 50 countries worldwide – ranging from post production organizations to local TV stations to major global broadcasters and major service providers.


XentauriX, Rating analysis, content production to social media, AI supported content analysis, compliance recording.


Venera PulsarTM is the fastest, most comprehensive and versatile file-based Automated QC system in the market. It automates quality check and control at every stage of the content life-cycle. Along with RapidTM add-on module, Pulsar can be used to perform quick scanning, QC, auto sorting and in-depth verification at any stage of the workflow. What’s more, it’s incredibly simple to use.