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The Quicklink Merlin Solution

Designed for total mobility, Quicklink’s Merlin bonding unit enables TV journalists to transmit live video in excellent broadcast-quality at a very cost-effective price. The unit contains its own high-gain modems into which your local SIM cards can be placed. The modems are superior to the normal USB ‘plug and play’ modems supplied by 3G network operators. This offers the user greater robustness on the 3G networks and results in excellent visual playout quality. The Merlin is supplied with 6 high-gain modems as standard but is expandable to 16.
As well as live transmissions, the Merlin is also suitable for transmitting edited Store & Forward video files via both BGAN and Thuraya terminals.

This complete mobile solution contains a 3006E-HD hardware encoder, an inbuilt 2G/3.5G/4G Linux Bonding Router and dual hot swap battery connections for industry standard batteries such as PAG, Anton Bauer or Sony Vlock . The solution seamlessly bonds 6 High Gain Modems as standard and the system is expandable up to 16 modems. The unit is configured via a web interface with the relevant network settings and once configured , all connections are automatically controlled within the Quicklink software. If using the 2G/3.5G/4G bonding element of the Merlin Solution , the existing Quicklink Playout receiving Servers can be used with the addition of a Quicklink server side bonding router for point-to point playout. Indeed ,all the flexibility, ease of use and connectivity that has made Quicklink such a resounding success has now been incorporated into the new Merlin Complete Solution.

Features include

• Sub 1 second delay
• High gain industrial modems and antennas as opposed to standard 3.5G
• Optional additional up to 16 usb modems
• Bonding element runs Quicklink embedded Linux version while the touchscreen SD /HD encoder runs Windows XP Lite OS
• Remote control via studio or Smartphone such as android,iPhone, Windows Mobile and iPod.
• Data rates 48Kbps – 20 Mbps
• Bluetooth audio talkback for wirefree talkback
• Connections for dual standard batteries for ease and simplicity
• Enhanced security encryption options are available up to 256 bit encryption algorithms
• SDI and Firewire inputs
• Sony XDCAM integration
• Automatic Bandwidth detection and adjustment
• Forward Error Correction
• 2G/3.5G/4G, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, ADSL, Satellite, dual Ethernet
• Supports option of Quicklink enhanced Store & Forward which can send via parallel FTP, HTTP, UDP at near line speed transfer