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ant4MEDIA Traffic Management System

ant4MEDIA Traffic Management System is a modular software based solution enables broadcasters to control and simplify multiple and complex processes like acquisition, contract management, content rights management, scheduling, integration to 3rd parties and reporting.

RIGHTS : Broadcasters can follow up their rights on their contents, related contracts, terms & conditions by ant4RIGHTS module. The period of usage right , costs, usability terms are only a few of them.

SCHEDULE : Planning and Scheduling can be done by ant4SCHEDULE module which is integrated with other ant4 modules. Media professionals can get detailed information and alerts about the content rights such as the content is about to expire, or the period of the content is not started yet etc… If there is an item which has no media in the system yet and it is inserted in to the Schedule, system reports and allow to create a workflow to capture or record the related media. Offset (secondary) events such as CG, graphics, titles (coming up, now, next etc) can be defined to each content and these events can be transferred to playout automation Systems together with related playlist items. CG, Graphics. The cost of daily schedules can be calculated automatically and gives an overview of the Schedule for defined period.

INTEGRATION : Service based or SDK based integration is available to integrate with enterprise solutions like ERPs, MAMs and Playout automation.

REPORT : Detailed and customizable reports can be prepared by ant4REPORT which provides required financial, operational and custom reports.