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Toolbox – Subtitle File Format Converter

CAVENAThe Cavena TOOLBOX is the advanced subtitlers answer to formatting and conversion of subtitle text files. TOOLBOX, the multifunction conversion program converts text files into different subtitle file formats, exports subtitle files to text files, converts between different subtitle file formats, different TV standards etc.
TOOLBOX – Subtitle file format converter

TOOLBOX is a professional subtitle file format converter software, that lets you create your own file format templates, used for importing and exporting. Basically you can create any text template format.

Supported import formats
.SRT, WebVTT, TTML, PAC, .STL teletext, .STL open, .890, .CIP, .OVR, .OVU, .TXT.

Supported export formats
.SRT, WebVTT, TTML, 890, .CIP, .STL, .TXT and XML.

Features include:

  • Import of text and time code for different formats under user defined templates. Conversion of 30, 30DF, 25, 24 and other time codes.
  • Conversion of NTSC, PAL and other formats with correct horizontal and vertical positioning.
  • 625 to 525 and vice versa including vertical position recalculation.
  • Conversion from NTSC 30 frame to dropped frame or 25 frames and vice versa.
  • Cross conversion from format to format.
  • Line 21 Closed captioning to Teletext captioning.
  • TOOLBOX is included in TEMPO

When you buy the subtiltle preparation software TEMPO a license of TOOLBOX subtitle file format converter is included. Of course you can buy TOOLBOX as stand alone product.

System requirements

TOOLBOX runs under Windows XP, Vista or 7.