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Subtitle Preparation – Introduction

CAVENASubtitle Preparation is the process of preparing a text file with time-code, to a corresponding video file.

Subtitle preparation systems are used to edit the text, add the time code and rehearse the result all against a browse copy of the original program, i.e. perform a quality check. The output of a subtitle preparation system is a subtitle file with text, time code and attributes such as position and text attributes.

Subtitle preparation systems normally have a range of features to increase the speed of work for the translator but the essential requirements are text editing and time code editing. Modern subtitle preparation systems such as the Cavena TEMPO uses browse video files as source material.

It is important that the subtitle preparation station is capable of handling video files with missing frames without losing sync to the original video. It is also vital that the subtitle preparation station can handle all sorts of video formats regardless of the format, which the subtitle file is prepared and rehearsed with. The resulting file can be used with any type of broadcast transmission format or for DVD or Blu-Ray.

Files for Audio Description, AD, are prepared in the same way as regular subtitle files, text and time-code, while the text in this case will be read by a synthesized voice.